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Develop a sales app for B2B or B2C sales

Apps for sales support have become very popular in B2B and B2C sales. Especially for sales staff in the field, iPad applications are a valuable tool for presenting one's own products or services in an appealing and brand-appropriate way at customer meetings or events, even without an internet connection.

Sales applications for iOS, Android, Windows or Web can be used not only to present product details, but also to play videos, view and send documents such as data sheets or capture leads.

At Hybrid Heroes, we often integrate sales apps into existing systems such as product information management systems (PIM) or customer relationship management systems (CRM) to optimally complement the sales process.

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Use cases for sales apps

  • Apps for product presentation in the sales field service for reliable, offline-capable presentation
  • Trade fair apps for the presentation of innovations, demos or interactive trade fair formats
  • ROI (Return on Investment) calculators or product configurators
  • Apps for capturing leads

How we can help you

Would you like to add an interactive, digital touchpoint to your sales process? We show you possibilities and case studies from practice and evaluate the integration into the systems of your existing sales process. Together we work out the functional scope of the application, taking into account budget and time-to-market.

Technology Partner
You have planned a sales app and are looking for a development partner? We would be happy to take over the implementation for you. Our experts work according to the latest development standards. Standardised codestyle, peer reviews and continuous integration are a matter of course for us. We work closely with your IT department or integrate ourselves into your Scrum process.

Excel to App
You already use interactive tools such as Excel forms for ROI calculations, planning customer projects or creating calculations? We convert the calculations into program code and deliver an appealing user interface that inspires your customers and presents the potential of your offer in the best possible way.

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