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Optimise your app with a design system

Do you want to make your product more consistent and take the design of your app to the next level? Then it's time to talk about design systems!

Design System

What is a design system?

A design system is a set of guidelines and visual components used to create consistent and beautiful designs for digital products. It consists of a library of design patterns such as buttons, forms, menus, etc., as well as typography and colour styles, together with a set of rules on how and when to use them. Working with a design system ensures a coherent brand identity and an optimal user experience across all platforms.

What makes a design system?

Style Guide

Style Guide and Design Tokens

The style guide contains all the design tokens needed to create UI components such as typography, colours, margins and icons. This is also the basis for a uniform appearance of your entire app, taking your brand into account.

UI Components

UI Components

The UI components are reusable building blocks that help designers and developers create consistent and cohesive interfaces. These can include buttons, forms, cards, menus, and other interface elements in various states.



Screens provide a combination of UI components for real use cases. These screens can be combined into user flows and used for development, usage testing or prototyping.

Advantages of a design system

  • Consistency: A design system ensures that the design of your product is consistent. This improves the user experience and makes your brand recognisable.
  • Efficiency: A design system provides a library of reusable elements which means it’s easier and faster to build new screens.
  • Scalability: With a design system it’s easy to scale your product and build new ones in the future. It’s also easier to maintain existing products.
  • Accessibility: When building a design system, we make sure that all components and colours are easy for everyone to use.
  • Collaboration: Using a design system encourages closer collaboration between designers and developers.

Are you interested in a design system?

If you're not sure where to start, or want to learn more about how your product could benefit from having a design system, don't hesitate to reach out. We are here to help you navigate the complex world of design systems and create a customised solution that meets the unique needs and goals of your app. Let's work together to elevate your product's design and take it to the next level!

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