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Content Management, APIs, Workflow Automation

Hybrid Heroes develops and operates your data platform based on Directus.

Directus Interface

We develop your data platform with Directus

We help companies and organisations to implement their data platform with Directus and deliver the corresponding web and mobile app at the same time. Directus is a modern data platform that provides a user-friendly user interface and API for any SQL database quickly and easily. Our 30 experts from the areas of UX/UI design, software development and project management accompany you from the idea to the finished product.

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25+ Heroes

Our growing team consists of experts for design, development, project management and app operations.

App Launches

100+ App Launches

We have realised over 100 apps for iOS, Android, Web and Windows for our clients. We always focus on long-term customer relationships and the highest quality in conception and development.

Satisfied B2B clients

50+ satisfied B2B clients

Teamwork is at the heart of everything we do. Both in our internal processes and in the cooperation with our more than 50 satisfied clients. Regular check-ins and test versions ensure transparency and a real "we-feeling".

Content Management

Content Management

With Directus as a headless CMS, you manage structured content for use in any client.


With Directus you provide a backend for your mobile or web applications.


Directus gives you customised, event-driven data processing and task automation.

Why Directus?

Directus is an open-source data platform. The platform offers a user-friendly interface that allows non-technical users to easily create, edit and manage content. Developers simultaneously have access to a powerful and customisable API that can be integrated into any web or mobile application.

  • Flexibility: Directus makes managing content a breeze, whether it's text, images to custom data fields and relationships. The platform can be easily integrated into any framework or programming language.
  • Security: Directus offers a variety of security features such as role-based access control, password protection and data validation to ensure your content is safe and secure.
  • Database support: Directus is built on an SQL database, which makes it easy to back up and restore your data.
  • API: Directus offers a robust and customisable API that can be integrated into any web or mobile application.

What we can do for you with Directus

Content Management

Content Management

User-friendly management of all types of content



Delivering data and content for mobile and web apps

Asset Management

Asset Management

Cataloguing images, videos and documents

Automated workflows

Automated workflows

Automate recurring tasks with flows



Visual representation of database contents



Provision of localised content

Single Sing On

Single Sign On

Login with OpenID or SAML

Extension development

Extension development

Extend Directus with customised functions

Data protection

DSGVO-compliant hosting

Operation on the Directus Cloud or on your own infrastructure

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