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We develop research apps for universities and research institutes for data collection, communicating study content or contacting potential study participants!

Develop research app for universities and research institutes

Research projects at universities, scientific institutions and research institutes are increasingly using mobile apps to find study participants and collect data. With the help of a research app, you can more easily contact potential study participants, conduct surveys or provide content and information about studies.

The evaluation of the effectiveness of therapies, digitally-supported interventions or knowledge transfer can also be optimally supported by mobile apps.

Hybrid Heroes has been working for many years on apps for renowned universities in Germany and around the world, which have been used in studies and have delivered significant results. We support you in your social, health or natural science research project with the right software tailored to your individual needs.

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Use cases for research apps

  • Data collection in social, health or natural science studies
  • Monitoring participants in long-term studies
  • Provision of study content and information
  • Contacting potential study participants


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We create qualitative user interfaces with intuitive user experience according to the highest design standards.


We develop the right mobile app, web app or Windows app for your business case: reliable, performant and scalable.
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