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React Native

Mobile App Development with React Native

Wouldn't it be nice if you could develop iOS and Android apps in one project using the same programming language without compromising on performance and user experience? React Native can do just that. Within a short time, the technology developed by Facebook has become the leading cross-platform framework.

The idea is simple: while the user interface elements of the native platforms are used, the entire business logic for iOS and Android is developed in one go in the same programming language. This saves time, is efficient and maintainable, and the result is fully native apps that do not differ from natively programmed apps in terms of user experience. In contrast to comparable frameworks such as Xamarin, React Native uses the popular JavaScript technology React.

At Hybrid Heroes, we have been developing apps with React Native for several years and are thrilled by how quickly the technology is developing and the development speed that can be achieved. If you want to publish your app on iOS and Android and are looking for time-saving, lean development options, a mobile app with React Native is exactly what you need.

Advantages of React Native

  • React Native combines the advantages of native app development with the power and agility of the React environment.
  • In one step, apps are created for iOS and Android.
  • The user interface of a React Native app is fully native and performant.
  • The development process is demonstrably accelerated.

How we can help you

Mobile App Project
You would like to implement a mobile app and use the advantages of React Native? We are happy to support you with the concept, design and development of the app. As an agency, we are fully focused on hybrid and cross-platform apps and know the technologies inside out. Benefit from our expertise and use the advantages of cross-platform development.

Technology Partner
You have planned a React Native App and are looking for a development partner? We would be happy to take over the implementation for you. Our experts work according to the latest development standards. Standardised codestyle, peer reviews and continuous integration are a matter of course for us. We work closely with your IT department or integrate ourselves into your Scrum process.

Migration of native apps
Are you thinking about migrating your existing native apps to React Native? We will be happy to advise you and develop the right concept with you. Of course, we also take over the development of the components to be migrated or the development of the entire app in React Native.

Do you have questions about React Native?
Contact us, we'll be happy to talk about it!


React Native

React Native

React Native allows the development of native apps based on the React framework.


This web framework is a great tool for creating UI components in HTML


A library for managing large amounts of data.


A platform from Google that bundles backend services for mobile apps.


An environment to realise high-performance JavaScript applications in the backend.


Docker allows the deployment of container-based backend applications.


A variant of JavaScript supplemented with typing and future language features.
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