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Welcome to the only Ionic Partner Agency in the German-speaking world, based in Berlin.

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Development with Ionic Framework

Ionic is the all-rounder among the hybrid app frameworks. Apps developed with Ionic not only run as native apps on iOS and Android smartphones and tablets, they can also be published as pure web apps for the browser without further effort. Ionic apps are therefore particularly suitable for projects that need to achieve the widest possible reach in the shortest possible time.

Ionic apps are developed using web languages such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript. The Ionic framework ensures that these apps look and function like natively programmed iOS and Android apps. Of course, Ionic apps also have access to operating system functions such as geolocation, push notifications, camera or gyroscope and can be published and downloaded as normal via the app stores. Another extremely practical feature is that Ionic provides a whole library of user interface components such as input forms, list or navigation types. This saves valuable development time.

Hybrid Heroes has been using the Ionic Framework, which has now been released in version 4, since the first beta version. Whether for mobile apps or as web apps, Ionic apps are a guarantee for a lean and efficient development process and flexibility in implementation.

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Advantages of Ionic

  • Ionic Framework is the most widely used framework of web-based hybrid apps.
  • Ionic significantly increases the performance and user experience of hybrid apps.
  • Ionic enables the development of mobile apps for iOS, Android and for the browser with a single code base.
  • Ionic is open source and supported by a large community.
Ionic Trusted Partner

Ionic Trusted Partner

Hybrid Heroes has been an official Ionic Trusted Partner since October 2016 and is the only agency in Germany with this distinction. Hybrid Heroes is also a sponsor of the Ionic Berlin Meetup.

How we can help you

Mobile app project
You would like to implement a mobile app and use the advantages of Ionic? We are happy to support you with the concept, design and development of the app. We have been successfully developing mobile and web apps based on Ionic for our customers since 2015.

(Progressive) Web app project
You want to implement a web app or are interested in the topic of Progressive Web Apps (PWA)? Ionic is excellently suited for the web and is increasingly being expanded for Progressive Web Apps in newer versions. We would be happy to advise you!

Development partner
Your internal resources are not sufficient? Do you have questions about the build process or need a kickstart in Ionic development? We are at your side as a development partner for all questions about Ionic.

Migration from Ionic 1 to Ionic X
You have an Ionic 1 app and want to update to a higher version? A migration seems tedious. With the right moves and tricks, it will pay off in the long run.

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