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App development with Redux

State management with Redux: Making your app more maintainable and easier to debug

App development with Redux

Most libraries and frameworks have their own way of managing their internal state. React, for example, passes the state down the component tree via props. This can work relatively well in a small project, but as apps grow bigger and more complex in logic, controlling the state of the whole application becomes a hard task. Soon components start accessing data they don't need just so they can pass it on to the right place, and unwanted changes start to arise.

To make things easier, Redux offers a different approach: centralising the whole state of the app in one unique store that components can communicate with. This makes state changes much more predictable and easier to debug, saving time and resources during the development process. Redux also makes testing much easier and provides useful features, such as time-travel debugging.

Redux sits among the most popular JavaScript libraries and has a big active community. It's also compatible with the most popular JavaScript libraries and frameworks, such as React Native and Ionic.

Benefits of Redux

  • Makes state predictable and easy to maintain, regardless of the app complexity.
  • State debugging is faster and more efficient.
  • Lightweight library without hardly any negative effects in the size of your assets.
  • Works well with the main JavaScript UI frameworks.

This is how we can help

App project

You would like to create an app that makes use of Redux? We can help you with the concept, design and development of the app. As an agency we are focused on hybrid and cross-platform app development and have expert knowledge of these technologies. You will benefit from our expertiese and from the advantages that come with cross-platform development.

Technology partner

You have your app planned and are looking for a development partner? We are happy to take over the implementation for you. Our experts work using the latest development tools. Standardized code style, peer reviews and continuous integration are important for us. We can work closely with your IT department or integrate ourselves into your Scrum process.

App improvement

You already have an app but are considering to use Redux or other tools in order to improve it? We are happy to advise you and develop the right concept with you. We can also take over the development of the app and integrate Redux into it.

Do you have questions about Redux?

Get in touch, we are happy to help!


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More about Redux

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Using Redux Toolkit in React Native: Getting started and usage guide

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TL;DR If you have a complex state to manage across your app, or an offline app with lots of interactions, or a state synced with a server data and a complicated UI to update accordingly, then Redux might already have solutions for many problems you will face. Redux works

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