Meet the Team: Ivan

Meet the Team: Ivan

Inside Hybrid Heroes: A Glimpse into the Life of a Software Tester

In this series, we delve into the world of Hybrid Heroes through the eyes of our team members. Today, we chat with Ivan, one of our software testers who has been an integral part of the team for about a year and a half. From his beginnings to his aspirations for the future, Ivan shares his experiences, insights, and cherished moments at Hybrid Heroes.

Embarking on the Hybrid Heroes Journey

Ivan's journey with Hybrid Heroes began in a rather serendipitous manner. He recounts,

I joined my fellow student on her way to the Hub Berlin conference. She had a scheduled meeting with Christian where they were supposed to talk about testing. But my friend had no idea about it so she asked if I could overtake this meeting.

Little did Ivan know, that this conversation with our CTO would alter the course of his career. Following this chance encounter, an email proposal for a testing task landed in Ivan's inbox, setting the stage for his entry into the team. Passing this task earned him an internship. By now, Ivan has been a part of Hybrid Heroes for about one and a half years, a testament to the unforeseen opportunities that unfold when least expected.

Throughout his time with our company, Ivan has donned various hats within the organization. He started out as an intern before becoming a working student for our testing team. After graduating from his studies just a few months ago, Ivan now transitioned into a full-time position. His responsibilities have evolved alongside his roles, with his current focus on coordinating testing activities, conducting tests, and ensuring quality processes are upheld within the company.

Ivan's typical workday is a blend of communication, preparation, and hands-on testing.

The first half of the day is mostly calls and preparation for them. Then lunch break, which also serves as a recharge after meetings. And then testing and/or operational activities.

For Ivan, the flexibility of remote work is a boon, although he occasionally relishes the in-office experience. Ivan does not live directly in Berlin so his main workplace is his home office. And while he enjoys the flexibility of his remote work, he tries to make it to the office once in a while. The camaraderie and collaborative spirit among colleagues, whether in person or virtually, remain constants in his work life.

Fostering a Culture of Contribution

One of Ivan's core values is the active contribution of every team member towards the collective success of projects.

I value this atmosphere of like-minded people working for success for the company as a whole and each individual in particular.

This shared dedication fuels his passion for his work and inspires him to continually strive for excellence.

Ivan takes pride in projects he's been involved in from their inception, citing GYDE, OneGreen, and Qanteon as examples. Testing these projects and seeing the contributions of each of his coworkers as much as his own is truly special to him. He values how everyone's ideas are taken into account, implemented, and united to become something useful.

Among Ivan's cherished memories during his time at Hybrid Heroes are the culture events. These events not only always have a special atmosphere to them and foster team bonding but also inject a sense of joy and fulfillment into the workplace. Ivan's joy for our team events has led him to join the culture group within our team. Together with a few other team members, Ivan organizes team events and small gatherings and happenings for the team, such as our regular 'Rise n Shine' and 'Beer o'clock' sessions, but also video game nights or quizzes.

A Bright Future Ahead

As Ivan looks towards the future, he envisions a continuation of fulfilling tasks, growth opportunities, and a thriving team environment. He is also excited about new challenges in upcoming projects. To new employees joining the ranks of Hybrid Heroes, he offers sage advice:

Don’t hesitate to ask questions: everyone around is always open to help! And don’t skip culture meetings, they are always a lot of fun.

In Ivan's journey, we catch a glimpse of the vibrant tapestry that is Hybrid Heroes, where passion, collaboration, and dedication converge to drive innovation forward. As he continues to shape the landscape of software testing within the organization, Ivan embodies the spirit of excellence and camaraderie that defines Hybrid Heroes which makes us truly grateful to have him in our team. Thank you, Ivan, for being a part of Hybrid Heroes!