Timkee: Jira time tracking but better

Timkee: Jira time tracking but better

Time is a precious resource, and for many of us, it feels like there's never enough of it in a day. Whether you're an employee trying to stay on top of your workload while balancing work and personal life or an employer needing to organize and prioritize tasks and resources in a company, time management can be a challenge. That is why time tracking is an essential tool for businesses. By keeping track of how time is spent, you can identify areas where time is being wasted, prioritize tasks more effectively, and ultimately become more productive and efficient.

General advantages of time tracking

These are some key benefits of time tracking in general:

  1. Increased productivity: Time tracking can help individuals and teams to stay focused on their work and avoid distractions, leading to increased productivity.
  2. Better time management: By tracking how much time is spent on various tasks, individuals and teams can better manage their time and prioritize their work.
  3. Accurate billing: For companies that bill clients based on hours worked, time tracking ensures accurate billing and helps to avoid disputes.
  4. Resource allocation: By tracking time spent on specific tasks and projects, managers can better allocate resources and make informed decisions about staffing and budgeting.
  5. Improved project management: Time tracking can help managers to identify potential roadblocks in a project and adjust timelines and resources as needed.
  6. Improved employee accountability: Time tracking can help employees to be more accountable for their time and work, leading to improved performance and job satisfaction.
  7. Better work-life balance: By tracking their time, individuals can identify areas where they may be spending too much time on work and not enough on other important areas of their lives, leading to better work-life balance.

Overall, time tracking can help to organize and optimize worktime in a more efficient, productive, and successful way for employers as well as the employees.

How we want to log our work time

In our industry it is crucial and very common to track time as we are offering our time and know-how to our clients and therefore must know exactly how much time we have spent on a specific client, project and task. In fact, it is our responsibility to have full transparency of our time and cost budget and to report it sometimes even on a weekly or daily basis. Therefore, we have always been using time tracking tools and have been looking out just for the perfect solution.

But what does perfect actually mean...?

For us, the perfect solution integrates seamlessly into our normal workflows. It allows to make use of the timelogs in a meaningful way. It does not replicate any data on third party services and ideally, it should be as easy and fast as possible to track time. While there are many solutions out there that offer some aspects of our ideal solution, we have not been fully satisfied with any of these solutions. Enter Timkee!

Timkee: A better way to track worktime

For that reason we decided to create a better time tracking tool, that allows to track the times for specific tasks and therefore gather relevant information to plan and organize work more efficiently for us and our clients.

Timkee is a time tracking tool that is integrated into our task management tool JIRA. It allows to create, edit and delete JIRA time logs (automatically and manually) in an easy and convenient way. It also gives a simple and minimalist overview of the latest time logs that have been created and can be accessed right from the Mac's status bar. No need to open Jira!

"We really wanted Timkee to be a single-purpose app so we always prioritized simplicity over complexity.

For us, the most important requirement was that it should be extremely fast and easy to switch between JIRA issues so that our workflow does not get interrupted. Timelogs are saved in JIRA only and Timkee allows to edit or delete these timelogs at a later point.

Timkee does not need a dedicated account or login. As soon as it is installed you can login with an Atlassian account and log work. Currently, Timkee is only available for MacOS. It is integrated into your Mac's status bar for a fast and efficient tracking experience.


Unlike other JIRA time tracking tools, we really wanted Timkee to be a single-purpose app so we always prioritized simplicity over complexity.

Timkee features include:

  • Track work time spent on specific tasks accurately and efficiently
  • Adjust and update timelogs at a later point
  • Quick selection of recently used issues
  • Easy access through the status bar of your Mac
  • Saves timelogs to JIRA and Tempo automatically and give an overview of your recent timelog history
  • No extra account necessary, easy login with Atlassian account and seamless integration with JIRA
  • Available for MacOS

Why Timkee?

With Timkee we created a high performing time tracking tool that is easy to access and to use. It's simplicity makes it extremely time efficient in use. Timkee is a single-use-tool that only comes with few, specific features that are created to make the time tracking process for companies as easy and fast as possible.

Timkee is now available on the App store for free for a short period of time! Click here to download it now!

Want to know more about Timkee? Click the link to get straight to Timkee's website: https://timkee.io or send us an email through timkee@hybridheroes.de for more information.